Thursday, 25 August 2011

are you scared?

okay so today is results day for all you 16 year olds, this summer has probably been the best of your life but today is the day you daunt, you couldn't sleep and your so nervous you think your going to chunder? well all i can say is GOOD LUCK! my cousin got her results back and im pleased for her, on facebook alot of people are saying they done so well etc, but for ya'll that done badly it was probably your fault! are you guys the people that don't listen in class and go through life saying "secondary school is crap! i just want a full time job!" well bad luck for you ayy? no im kidding, but seriously this is not the be all end all of your life! it may feel like it but it's not, luckily for me i got 12 A-C's in my exams but i SUCK at maths and had to resit it, there's always options and a light at the end of the tunnel, so whatever you want to persue in your life, dream BIG and BELIEVE! words of wisdom.

Chelsieeeee xo

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