Wednesday, 7 September 2011

i am back..

new posts are coming soon i've just been SO tired and busy, so watch this space!


Chelsie xo 

Thursday, 25 August 2011


so this GORGEOUS, sexy, amazing guy is Lucian and my oh my is he gorgeous! he is like sex on legs x10000000!!!!!!! i'm watching big brother mainly because he is in it, i'm drooling right now! it's kinda hard to believe that he's never had a girlfriend? well i'd definatly be the first in that que! marry me?

last day of summer?

so since we have not had a summer i found this beautiful dress and wedges which sort of screamed out summer to me! i gathered this would be perfect for a bbq to celebrate the last week or so left of half term, both of these are from dorothy perkins and the dress is reduced down to £19 and the wedges just £22! C'MON you cannot go wrong here!? the colours are so fresh and girly, team with a cute bag and accesories but don't over do it as it will defeat the dress.
so grab a glass of rose and have a bbq with the girls and boys and enjoy your day!

Chelsie xo

can you pull off a fringe?

beautiful? yesss it is! pair this fringed playsuit with a pair of lace up boots and your ready for a festival i think, i personally would wear this for a festival if i was going to one (sob) both items from topshop playsuit; £55 and the boots a bit more pricey at £60 but definatly worth it!
Chelsie xo


so im pretty sure anyone will agree that these BEAUTIESSSS look like they had fallen from the sky!? These amazing suede studded Sam Edelman shoes from caught my eye and I instantly fell in LOVE! but does setting you back £215 put you off? nope me either! still i could NOT afford these even if i tried! so my answer to all your shoes problems is DADDYYYY!!!!!!
Have fun drooling ladies!

Chelsie xo


wish this was you? don't we all! you see here in England the word summer is a laughing joke! news reports tell us were going to have a HOT summer! what a lie! currently writing this blog from my bedroom and I tell you looking outside is not pretty! it is raining and there's even some thunder to! honestly English weather is a JOKE! + summers nearly over and we haven't even been able to do stuff we want to do because of this weather! damm you! so wherever you are in this world, count your self lucky you are not here.

Chelsie xo

are you scared?

okay so today is results day for all you 16 year olds, this summer has probably been the best of your life but today is the day you daunt, you couldn't sleep and your so nervous you think your going to chunder? well all i can say is GOOD LUCK! my cousin got her results back and im pleased for her, on facebook alot of people are saying they done so well etc, but for ya'll that done badly it was probably your fault! are you guys the people that don't listen in class and go through life saying "secondary school is crap! i just want a full time job!" well bad luck for you ayy? no im kidding, but seriously this is not the be all end all of your life! it may feel like it but it's not, luckily for me i got 12 A-C's in my exams but i SUCK at maths and had to resit it, there's always options and a light at the end of the tunnel, so whatever you want to persue in your life, dream BIG and BELIEVE! words of wisdom.

Chelsieeeee xo

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

in need of a dress...

 so im going to a surprise 18th soon, by soon i mean next week and i have NOTHING to wear, these dresses i found on ax paris they are about £30 each which i think is resonable. Im not a skinny girl and have quite a large chest therefore one shouldered dresses i find fit me and suit my figure. I hate it though because i can't go out and buy a lovely dress in a small size it's hard, but hey im doing something about it..

come dine with us?

okay so my parents thought it would be cool to do this whole 'come dine with me' shambles, tonight it is my mum's turn and boy something smells good! I however am hosting fridays festivity and have NO idea what to cook? to be honest I don't even now how to cook really? screwed? yesss i think so..

                   good luck!

                          Chelsieeee xo

getting started...

okay so i'm new to this whole thing and decided i'd start a blog to you know keep me motivated in life, i struggle with accepting myself just like every other girl and struggle with losing weight. I gathered this blog would help me confess thoughts and just be a hobby, so welcome me into your worlds

Chelsieeeee xo